Thursday, 5 September 2019

Pen Anglas 05/09/2019

As mentioned in yesterday's blog entry I ventured out to Pen Anglas this morning. It's an open location and the wind today from the NW was borderline and pushing up the swells around the shoreline. A bit of a trek but the pup and myself were eager to see what would turn up. Sadly the numbers were not like yesterday at all and I guess about eight animals in total showed up with most of them just passing through and proving very difficult to capture in the lens. Volunteers Adrian and Marion in company with some friends were walking the coast path and called in with me for a while before resuming their walk. In the images I did capture were two marked animals one of which I've seen before and one I hadn't so yet another for the ID project. In the periods between sightings I took some shots of passing birds so I've included them today for a bit of variety. Enjoy!