Saturday, 12 September 2020

Strumble Diary 12/09/2020

 My go to weather app yesterday said cloudy for Sunday but the weather being the weather prooved them wrong and gave us sunshine all day. So with a bright start I settled in to what was to turn out a great session. Ten minutes in and I saw the first of the rissos, a brief sighting but a taster for what was to come. They were being quite tricky to spot with just a bit of fin showing now and again in the swells to the west of the lighthouse. Thankfully as time went on they came closer and showed much better. Cliff arrived, set up his scope and soon spotted a small group of common dolphin off to the NE. We tracked them for a while before they headed off to the west. We waited for the porpoise to arrive on what was one of the smallest tides of the month which usually means smaller numbers. All the while the rissos kept popping up at various points of the compass as if to distract us. The porps did come in to what was a very weak tide race and we enjoyed a good hour or so with them feeding well as they dashed around after fish.