Sunday, 13 September 2020

Strumble Diary 13/09/2020

Another grey day at Stumble as I set myself for a day long session. With two hrs to go to low water I settled in and started scanning around. Several porpoise off the lighthouse caught my attention and a half hour later they had moved off. A couple of passing porps over the next three hours was all there was to show for my patience. For most of the morning I was stared at by a bull seal who lately has taken a liking to the rock outcrop below the lookout which is exposed at low tide. I think he thought I may steal his new haul out perch. Late in the session I spotted the first of three rissos dolphin, all distant and only showed the once. I spent quite some time in the quiet periods educating lots of visitors about our marine diversity, what we see at Strumble and the tidal systems. There's still very many visitors about and most are always eager to listen and learn.

 As I was leaving Cliff and Fran arrived to release some stranded manx sheerwaters that had been rescued and brought to Sea Trust, so I stayed to take some pics of the event. It's sad but some of the young birds fresh off the islands are drawn to the bright lights on the mainland and end up stranding as they can't take off again due to their body design. We care just as much about these little fellas as we do about our mammals at Sea Trust and we feel it a privilage to see them on their way safely to their destinatioon over 9,000 miles away in Argentina. Bon Voyage! little ones may you have a trouble free journey.