Monday, 14 September 2020

Strumble Diary 14/09/2020 Oh What A Wonderful Day.

Gone was the dull grey of yesterday and in it's place a beautiful blue sky with hardly a breath of wind. Perfect survey weather with viz right out to the horizon (not that I can see porps out that far)  and great light. I arrived 08.10 and straight away was sighting porps out to the NE. Nothing unusual there but it was the sheer numbers at that state of the tide that pleased me. At least thirty in various sized groups up to the largest at ten to twelve. As the morning wore on more and more showed up at all points of the compass giving what we cheerfully call porpoise soup. The area was thick with them. Tracking some through the lens I caught sight of some common dolphin sneaking through so a lovely distarction and then back on the porpoise. 

Fran arrived around 11am with the Monday volunteers and although the tide race had dropped away considerably there were still a good number of porpoise traveling through with several groups of more distant commons in the background. With such high numbers (80+) it was inevitable there would be at least one marked animal in there and I was delighted to see Denty return and also one other who's identity I need to confirm. Also one Sunfish out in the tide race.