Friday, 9 October 2020

Strumble Diary 09/10/2020

 A brisk N Westerly cutting diagonally across the tide race this morning made for some very confused and choppy seas. Sighting anything was going to be a challenge even for my trained eyes. As the tide race built up speed I was scanning as best I could hoping for a sighting or two. I did see some porpoise but it was the old one breath and gone again syndrome. This is the way it was with just the odd sighting now and again. Later in the session a pod of some thirty or so Common Dolphin came through and seemed to stop to feed for a few minutes in the outer edges of the tide race. I got what shots I could but they were so hard to track and were'nt showing terribly well. After they moved on there was a lull until I spotted a group of four porpoise well out but they too showed the once and disappeared into the turmoil of the tide race.