Sunday, 18 October 2020

Strumble Diary 18/10/2020

 With the wind swung around to the SE it was alittle more sheltered at the lookout today, very grey and overcast with quite flat light. The visibility was good though so no excuse for not seeing what may have come along. First up were a few very distant porpoise as the ebb flow started. These were followed by a single Risso around a mile and a half out hence the not so good images but a record all the same. As the tide picked up pace the race formed and more porpoise moved in with regular sightings over a wide area. I'd estimate some 15-20 animals all together with a group of three feeding close in and showing for most of the session. On the bird front good numbers of Scoter (60+) again plus a Heron out over the sea and a very colourful flock of around twenty Goldfinches passing close in front of me.