Monday, 11 November 2013

Bottles doing their stuff in Newquay on Sunday...

A Newquay Bottle

Paddy Hewitt went down to Newquay yesterday with his family and had a great time watching the Bottlenose Dolphins off the harbour wall! According to Paddy the councils kiosk on the harbour was
closed and there was a note saying the dolphins had mainly gone so he wasn't expecting much.
Luckily for Paddy they were wrong! Apparently up to seven different dolphins were putting on a great display not more then a couple of hundred yards away.
I have often visited Newquay in the late autumn when everything is closed. The visitors have gone, the place looks forlorn and deserted and out in the bay our truly wild  dolphins are still there putting on a show far better than the captive ones people pay for at the whale jails /dolphinariums in Florida!