Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Malcolm, back from the states and back on Ramsey Sound!

Porpoise were showing well in the South of the Sound today with c15 doing their thing, they were spread out in different areas but all came together for a short period of time before moving off in small groups and individually over the next half hour moving North on the flood tide.

I have just returned from the World Whale Conference in Gloucester Massachusetts, I took the opportunity to join the World Cetacean Alliance, In doing so I nominated Sea Trust as the NGO I wish to sponsor (each independent member's fee £100 is then used towards sponsoring low income NGO's the fee is £500).
I also sponsored a couple of Student's to join the Alliance also (students can join for £50), so that is another £100 towards Sea Trust becoming a member of the Alliance, so are there three more people out there who would like to join the Alliance and enable Sea Trust to join too!
Roger Mann
Membership Secretary
For and on behalf of the
World Cetacean Alliance