Friday, 9 June 2017

Another Great day for Bottles

Around midday a call to alert me of bottles in the harbour mouth and it was off again for more action. Five or so happily feeding when I arrived and we (team Sea Trust) and four visitors spent a good hour and a half observing and photographing them as they mulled around feeding. No real surface action as in breeching but nice to see them all the same. After the rest of the team returned to the ocean lab I went back after dropping some of them off  to catch the last of the action. As I got back on the breakwater Apache and Ringo were moving in from Pen Anglas and made their way to the harbour mouth. I observed them for a while and noted how Ringo's eyes were now starting to lose those tell tale rings and how he's grown since we first saw him. He does have a distinguishing mark above his right eye and a straightish scar just below it (see images) so hopefully we will still be able to ID him in the future if his eye rings go completely. The fare today was much posher than yesterday's garfish with several gannets gulping down Sea Bass as fast as they could catch them. As I left there were still four of them at the breakwater's end.

Ringo left side on

Ringo with ID mark above his eye and scar behind.