Tuesday, 13 June 2017

meanwhile out on the breakwater...

No other marine group is more active in involving people in recording our local marine wildlife than Sea Trust! You only have to look through the archive and our Face Book Page to see we are out there or engaging with school kids students, locals and visitors throughout the year.
Not only that but we are conducting regular ferry surveys on two Welsh/Irish routes  North and South.

So... our Fishguard Dolphins have been pretty active recently. Intrepid yachtsman Ian Hotchin who usually lets us know the dolphins are there from his boat joined us landlubbers with Sylvia his wife and Sea Trust supporter (left),

 At the same time Chantelle was also there with a couple of our new photo ID volunteers Adrian and Marian who had a nice game of musical chairs which as you can see, Adrian won!

I was only there for a short while so the shots I took were not so good....

but anyhow everyone seemed to be having a good time!

not sure what this seal thought of us though!