Friday, 14 July 2017

A Bottling Good Time

An early start at Strumble this morning didn't produce the hoped for sightings with only a few animals spotted in a very turbulent fast running flood tide. The conditions were quite windy with a fair chop on the water. Later I decided to see if the bottles were about and from the old drill hall I spotted several gannets over a number of bottles off the harbour mouth. Off I went and Cliff followed shortly after. Was it two was it three, was it Apache and Ringo? Well it turned out it was three but most of the time only two were visible on the surface. It was only because I caught a shot with the three tight together that I was able to confirm it. Not our usual mother calf either as these were a good bit smaller than Apache and Ringo although the mother does have a similar fin mark to Apache and that's what made it a bit confusing to start with. We watched them feed and move around for quite some time and at the end of the session they had five minutes of play for us with a few breeches which I managed to capture. Another great bottle day.