Friday, 14 February 2020

Strumble Diary 14/02/2020

This time of year we spend a lot of time dodging showers and trying to figure out when the rain is going to pass. Thankfully through modern technology and my trusted weather radar app I can see almost to the minute when the heavy stuff is moving through.  So today it came in very useful and allowed me to time my visit to Strumble perfectly.  As I travelled out there the last few raindrops were falling on the windscreen and although still very overcast at least it was drying off.
   The ebb flow was underway but the tide race had yet to form so I made my way into the lookout and set up the gear.  The swells were large and getting bigger as the wind against tide scenario took hold.  The first few sightings were a challenge with several made before I managed to get a shot and then it was only a fin tip. The confused water and the fact that they were again feeding deep meant them only briefly coming to the surface.  Things did get better though and as the race built more porps came in and although most were well out one or two did venture closer in. 
   Good numbers today with around fifteen animals which is well up on numbers seen in the previous weeks.